Ann-Marie Mitroff

AnnMarie photoNow an Alum of Groundwork USA and the Urban Waters Learning Network, Ann-Marie Mitroff served as a co-coordinator of the UWLN with partner organization, River Network. Using her 20+ years of on-the-ground experience in managing conservation and river projects in urban areas, she still provides guidance and program perspectives to urban waters practitioners across the country including local Groundwork Trusts through the Urban Waters Learning Network. For over a decade, she’s been responsible for implementing river restoration efforts including tree planting and invasives management, water quality and fish studies, wetland reviews, municipal stormwater/green infrastructure projects, and river clean-ups. She coordinated the City of Yonkers’ habitat plan and community engagement process on the 8-year Saw Mill River Daylighting project, completed in 2012. Prior to joining Groundwork, she developed and managed water and energy conservation programs for public and private utilities in Santa Cruz and San Jose California; Washington, DC; and Seattle. Ann-Marie has an MPA from Seattle University and a BA from the University of Washington. She is based in Yonkers, NY.


Diana Toledo

diana pixAs Leadership Development Director for River Network, Diana Toledo serves as a co-coordinator of the EPA Urban Waters Learning Network, along with partner organization, Groundwork USA. At River Network, Diana is responsible for developing and delivering training and consulting services so that leaders, organizations and coalitions working for freshwater protection are strong, effective and results-oriented. In that role, she provides support in the areas of strategic and campaign planning, project development, fundraising, board and staff development, and coalition building. Diana has over 20 years’ experience in river conservation and community organizing. Prior to joining River Network in 2006, Diana helped build one of the strongest networks of local watershed groups in the country through her work with the River Alliance of Wisconsin, and led various Great Lakes policy and funding initiatives while at the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program. Diana has a MS in Water Resources Management from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies (University of Wisconsin – Madison) and a BS from Indiana University – Bloomington. She is based out of Asheville, NC.


Maria Brodine

Maria Brodine

Based in New Orleans, LA, Maria Brodine is the Water Program Specialist at Groundwork USA. Originally from the Southwest, she earned her B.A. in English and Anthropology from San Diego State University, then went on to obtain her M.A. in Anthropology and Education at Columbia University. After moving to New Orleans to study the history of water management practices, she became involved in doing applied work through Groundwork New Orleans, where she led and supported program and staff development, designed and implemented an interdisciplinary research program, and secured a variety of funding sources to expand organizational capacity. As Water Program Specialist, she co-coordinates the Urban Waters Learning Network, conducts research and analysis, writes and edits content for the website, translates and interprets scientific data and reports, and engages in program development in the areas of environmental anthropology and communication.


Renee Mazurek

Renee Mazurek is a geologist, educator and writer, with a BS in geology from the University of Pittsburgh and a MS in geology from East Carolina University.  For the Urban Waters Learning Network, she performs project research and communicates with project leaders to write impact stories, blogs and coordinate webinars. She also supports public outreach and helps manage the Urban Waters online community. In addition, Renee is a college-level educator, teaching geology at Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College.  With over 10 years’ experience teaching about the earth, Renee is committed to educating the public about the environment and environmental solutions.  She lives in Asheville, NC where she also serves as the Vice Chair on the city’s Sustainable Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment.