Apply for the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Peer Learning Cohort


River Network and Groundwork USA are launching the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Peer Learning Cohort, an initiative to support the pursuit of policies and practices that communities can use to effectively engage a broad range of stakeholders and secure safe, clean and affordable drinking water.

This 15-month program aims to equip organizations with the information, skills and tools they need to engage in local planning and decision-making processes related to securing safe, clean and affordable drinking water in their communities; and provide organizations with a $10,000 grant to:

1. support a discrete drinking water project that assesses the extent of local drinking water issues and concerns, promotes civic engagement around drinking water, or pursues equitable solutions to their communities’ drinking water issues;

2. support their participation in activities of the Peer Learning Cohort.

Applicants must be urban, community-based environmental justice, watershed and/or public health organizations that operate in an urban community facing documented, suspected or anticipated drinking water quality, safety or security issues that disproportionately impact vulnerable residents.

Read the full description of the selection criteria. We invite interested organizations to submit an Application of Interest by Monday, March 26 at 11:59 pm EST.

Note: We strongly encourage organizations interested in applying to attend a two-part webinar series on drinking water basics hosted by River Network on March 7 and March 14. You may register for these free sessions here.

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