Bellingham, WA

Lummi Indian Business Council

WATERSHED: Bellingham Bay, Nooksack River, Smuggler's Slough, and Kwina Slough, all located on the Lummi Indian Reservation

Lummi Indian Business Council


The Lummi Nation Youth: Water Quality, Watersheds and Salmon project is a project that seeks to engage fifth grade students at the Lummi Nation School in active stewardship of the environment, focusing on the impacts of poor water quality and development in the watershed on the health of salmon and shellfish. Students will learn about watersheds, water quality and stormwater runoff and how they affect their traditional and culturally important food sources through classroom and field based lessons. Students will present their findings to the community.

To meet their objectives, the Lummi Business Council has focused on these areas:

• Classroom watershed science, water quality lessons aboard the Snow Goose Research Vessel, Hatchery Tour with hands-on stations, water quality measurements in Smuggler’s Slough and Lummi Bay, stormwater education and field surveys on the Reservation, and native tree plantings in Smuggler’s Slough.

• Students will present this work at a clambake with science journals and at the Lummi Nation’s annual First Salmon Ceremony with a video to share with the community.

The Lummi Nation Natural Resources Department (LNR) will partner with Lummi Nation Schools, the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, Washington State University Extension program, Stillaguamish Tribe and the Snow Goose.