Spokane, WA

The Lands Council

WATERSHED: Spokane River Watershed

Green Sleeves: Stormwater and Low Impact Development Education in the Spokane River Watershed

To address urban runoff pollution in the Spokane River watershed, The Lands Council (TLC) partnered with the Geiger Corrections Center to implement a job training and workforce development program around stormwater pollution and Low Impact Development (LID). The project reached 60 offenders at Geiger Corrections Center, with five participants continuing the curriculum after their release. Additionally, TLC implemented a stormwater and LID curriculum in two local high schools, where 100 students from underserved neighborhoods received year-long classroom instruction. The curriculum included field trips to local LID facilities and culminated with the development of a model storm garden. At the same time, TLC performed public outreach to community residents through mailers, brochures and door-to-door canvassing, including the distribution of free tree saplings. Through the public outreach initiative, TLC engaged nearly 1000 area residents and gave away almost 300 Ponderosa Pine saplings. The Urban Waters project received good community support and achieved significant outcomes in education and stormwater management.

The Lands Council’s overall mission is to preserve and revitalize the Inland Northwest forests, water, and wildlife through collaboration, education, and effective action.